Changing lives of Choctaws nationwide!

Success Stories

 Maddie Hirsch

“I just wanted to say thank you times a million! I cannot thank you all enough for the constant help and support I received while obtaining my undergraduate degree. I graduated with a bachelor of science in civil engineering at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Thanks to the Choctaw Nation, I graduated on-time, in four years with no debt, which hardly happens nowadays. I am now set up to have a great career in civil engineering. Yakoke!”





Aspen Clemens

“To follow my dream of being a speech-language pathologist, I needed to earn both a Bachelor and a Master Degree. With help from the Choctaw Asset Building program, I learned about saving money and become financially sound throughout my undergraduate career.

I would like to thank everyone for being so helpful, kind, and available any time I had a question or needed to talk about my CAB experience. I truly feel blessed to be a member of the Choctaw Nation.”



Colton Wall

“I needed assistance paying for college and the CAB team did a great job helping me every step of the way to get through all the paperwork. Although the process does take some time and effort to qualify, it is absolutely worth the time it requires.”






Matthew Maxwell

“I jumped at the opportunity to participate in two-to-one match savings program. By signing up for CAB and applying for scholarships, I was able to overcome financial obstacles and pay for higher education.

My advice: If you qualify and are considering this program, absolutely join the program. You won’t find a 200% return on your investment anywhere else.”



Candace Woodroof

“I inquired of Choctaw Nation Career Development about financial help with my master’s degree. When told about the Choctaw Asset Building program, I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of it.

My advice to other tribal members considering joining the CAB program would be to work hard, be wise with your spending and save.  Saving is a gift to your future self and your family. Thank you, Choctaw Nation and everyone who made this possible.”




Blaklyn Self

“The CAB program is a great incentive. They literally pay you to save your money. This program has been a huge blessing in helping me pay for my education. I can’t think of a better way for the Choctaw Nation to invest in people than by helping their members save for their education and become self sufficient Choctaws.”





Kati Rose Zauner MS, RD/LD

“From a very young age I knew I wanted to work in the health field and more specifically with nutrition. With the help of the Choctaw Nation I completed my Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Sciences in 2014 and my Masters of Science in Nutritional Sciences this past year. In 2014 I became a Registered, Licensed Dietitian and started helping people just as I had always hoped to. One year after I graduated with my Bachelors I knew that I wanted to pursue my Masters degree and the Choctaw Nation was there to back me up in achieving my dreams.

I first learned about the Career Development program as a senior in high school. My advisor, Tracy, and the others in her office were the best throughout my college career. If I ever had a question she was there to answer or direct me to those who could. My path through college would not have gone as smooth without her always being there. I am very thankful for all the help the tribe has given me including the constant support throughout my degree process.”

Victoria Wood

“I currently have a job at Texoma Medical Center working with acute care patients. I am beyond excited! It is nearly impossible for a new grad SLP to get a position in a hospital. Thank you for everything!”







Brittany Dill

“I had a job making minimum wage and I needed help paying for school. After I started college and joined CAB it made me feel good that I had a job and was helping pay for some of my college and trying to be a positive asset to society. It is worth it even if you can only put in the minimum amount each month. I sometimes tried to pay ahead, but as long you make sure you have something to save and build on it is well worth it.”

Sarah Elizabeth Sawyer

“I had originally thought the program was limited to Choctaws residing in the ten and a half counties. But when we attended the Choctaw Small Business Academy, we learned we qualified in Texas. It was timely knowledge, since we were already looking toward business expansion and startup investments.  By joining the CAB program, we were able to save enough to expand our art business and add two startups. The training on the business planning helped immensely. I’ve highly recommended the program to Choctaw family members as a way to further their business and education goals.”




David Baker

“I am now a Certified NCCCO Crane Operator. Thank you for all your help which allowed me to accomplish my education goals.”