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Employment Services Welcome

Career Development’s Academic & Employment Services Team is here to support you as you work toward a successful career!  We provide an array of services for our members including academic support & enhancement, tutoring, academic assessments, test preparation, job search strategies, resume preparation, interview preparation, and employment application assistance.

Please contact us with any academic or job search need that you may have!


Step 1:  Career Ready 101/KeyTrain Pretests

You will receive your pretest login information from your Career Counselor. Please complete only the 3 pretests at this time. We require a minimum score of 3 on each test prior to approving your application with Career Development. The pretests are not timed, so take as long as you need to give your best effort. Doing your best on the pretests is important, because we use the scores to help determine what services we need to provide for you. The pretests contain up to 20 questions per test. You may use a calculator on the Applied Math test. You have 2 attempts on each pretest, and you may re-take if you do not achieve a level 3 on the first attempt. When you finish all 3 pretests, call or email your Academic & Employment Services Specialist so that we can develop a plan to ensure that you attain the skill levels recommended for success in your career field and also to prepare you to take the WorkKeys tests. By taking the WorkKeys exams, you can earn the Career Readiness Certification (CRC) and possibly an incentive award for doing so.


CRC Initiative: 

The Career Readiness Certificate can be earned by taking the ACT WorkKeys tests in Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading for Information.  WorkKeys is a job skill assessment system that measures real world skills employers believe are critical to success in a job environment.  These skills are valuable for any occupation—skilled or professional, and at any level of education.  The WorkKeys assessments are available at our Career Development offices, Technology Centers and Workforce Oklahoma offices throughout the state.

CRC Initiative Awards

The following Incentives are offered for Choctaw Tribal Members who earn their CRC–

Platinum Level CRC         =  $400

Gold Level CRC                =  $300       

Silver Level CRC              =  $200                 

Bronze Level CRC            =  $100

Learn about CRC Job Seeker Benefits!

Step 2:  Academic Support

Your Academic & Employment Services Specialist is committed to supporting you in strengthening your academic skills through a variety of learning assistance programs necessary for success in college-level or technical courses.  We offer in-depth online lessons that are designed for self-paced review and upskilling in work world-related math, reading, and locating information skill areas.  Our Academic Specialists are available to assist with one-on-one tutoring services at our various Career Development office locations as well as via telephone, email, and other online modalities.  Our specialists are eager to assist with any academic challenges you may encounter, and are able to tap into resources for academic support throughout a large regional area and at educational institutions across several states.

Test Preparation is another service offered by our Academic Specialists.  We utilize a variety of online and pencil/paper resources to prepare our clients for entrance exams, course exams, and certification exams.  Can we help you prepare for your certification tests?

Step 3:  Employment Services

Our goal is to help you land your dream job!  Your Employment Services/Academic Specialist is eager to start the process of helping you to move into a satisfying and successful career by providing resources, support, and guidance in your job search process.  Your job search should begin no later than the point when you start your training program.  Let us guide you in strategies that will set your job search in motion toward successfully landing a position through a job market “side door” where the competition for jobs is much less and where the best jobs can be found!


Step 4:  Program Completion

You are well on your way to career success!  We want to see you advance and meet all of your career goals.  If another certification or licensure is needed to help you move along your “Career Ladder”, please contact your Career Development Career Counselor for assistance and guidance.  Be sure to utilize our Employer Expectations and career advancement resources.  Also, we would like to have some feedback from you concerning our services.  Please complete our Exit Survey once you have obtained your industry certification or licensure and landed a job in your field.  The survey information assists us in our process of continual improvement of services to our Choctaw Tribal Members.